三防系列_FZC系列防水防尘防腐操作柱 发布时间:2018-08-29 15:33

一、型号含义 Model implication



二、适用范围 Applications






  ◇用于电气控制系统中,作为指令发送及状态监视之用 ◇Amblent temperature:-25℃+55℃;


  ◇Can withstand the corrosion of acid,alkali,ammonia,chlorine.They apply to washy,dussty and humidity enviroment;

  ◇Widdely used in the lines of peroleum,chemistry,dock,food,medicine,warindustry and so on;

  ◇Be used in electrical control system to send orders and monitoring ◇Designed for sites with explosive atmosphere such as petroleum exploitaion, refinery, chemistry, medicine, textile, printing,miliary and miliary etc.

三、技术参数 Techniccl parameters








  ◇Rated voltage:AC220V/380V;

  ◇Rated current:10A;

  ◇Using type:AC-14、DC-13;

  ◇Protection grade:IP65;

  ◇Explosion-proof grade:WF2;

  ◇Inlet thread:G3/4";

  ◇Cable outer dia:Φ9mm-Φ14mm.

四、产品特点 Features


  ◇钢管或电缆布线。◇Enclosure is die casted of aluminum alloy with high voltage electrostatic powder coated surface shot blasted;

  ◇Suitable for steel pipe and cable wiring.

五、外形及安装尺寸 Outline Dimension


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